When running a business time is a major asset that every business own has and sometimes, we may not have a lot of it. Because of this, as a business owner, we must delegate tasks and projects to our employees and outsources. Maybe you don't have time to do it yourself with coaching alone. You just might need it all done for you. My mission is to help you leverage your time by developing marketing strategies that will produce results and more paying clients and customers. 

Take a look at the current marketing consultation services that I have to offer you and your company: 


Developing a Social Media strategy can sometimes be overwhelming for businesses and brands. You may even ask yourself if social media is even right for your business. I'm here to tell you that social media can take your business to the next level. All you will need is an expert who can help you develop a strategy. 

In this package, I will walk you through getting your social media accounts revamped, choosing the right Facebook apps to get more fans, setting up other platforms that are relative to your industry, and help you build a following of raving fans. If you also ready have these platforms set up, I will conduct a thorough audit on your company's current social media activities and revamp your social media strategy.

This entire package includes:

  • Social Media Audit for up to 4 social media sites (Report of recommendations included). This audit will include thorough research and competitive analysis to determine new strategies that need to be integrated into your social media marketing plan. Together, we will conduct research to get a clear idea of what strategies are currently being utilized in your specific industry. 
  • Initial 30 minute call before the start of the audit.
  • A 45 minute video conference call (Skype) to discuss the information that you present to me prior to your Social Media Audit. I will also discuss with you best up to date social media tactics and strategies for your business after your audit is complete. 
  • A 30 Day Action Plan to get you jumpstarted on your Social Media Marketing plan.
  • A clear and strategic Social Media Marketing Plan for the next 6 months. 
  • A follow up call 30 days after completion of the audit for accountability purposes. 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for audit completion.